Membership Round Up

We are excited to offer our members the ability to donate to the Ohio Valley YMCA through bank draft! Members have the ability to round up their membership fee to the nearest dollar or an amount of their choice. The additional amount given per month will go towards our Scholarship and Build a Champ Campaign, which allows us to continue giving out financial assistance to those in need and provide programming that supports youth development. To donate, fill out a membership change form at the front desk, and help make a difference. For new members interested in donating, there is an option on your new member application to round up.Together we can build a better US.

Give to the YMCA

    The YMCA is the Charity of Choice for so many because every dollar of your donation goes directly towards continuing the programs that have been proven to make a difference in our community.


    Through all Ohio Valley Branches, the YMCA is committed to reversing the trends that have created our nation’s current health crisis. We’re working to combat chronic disease, help people make positive lifestyle behavior changes and raise healthy families.


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